7 Amazing Benefits Of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

7 Amazing Benefits Of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

With the rising demand for cannabis, it is no wonder many have become cannabis growers. Modern growers have the benefit of diverse choices. Do you know that many have taken a liking to the auto-flowering seeds? This new and improved genetics of cannabis seeds has a lot to offer. You have the option to choose from varieties with high levels of CBD or THC. You can also opt for the combination of having a nice balance of both. Also, you have access to diverse terpene profiles. With the host of benefits offered, auto-flowering cannabis seeds look like the perfect go-to genetics for newbie growers looking for fast returns. Find out what makes these specific seeds great.

About Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

7 Amazing Benefits Of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Before we delve into the details of the benefits of auto-flowering seeds, you have to understand them. Auto-flowering strain avoids the inconvenience of relying on external cues to produce resinous buds. They start flowering once a specific time has passed.

This trait never emerged by accident. It occurs due to adaptation to external conditions. How? Unlike the prevalent strain of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa, another strain, Cannabis ruderalis, gave rise to the auto-flowering gene. This subspecies found in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia adapted to the harsh environment. These parts have a shorter growing season. Instead of waiting for the season to change to support flowering, the subspecies developed the auto-flowering gene. Hence, it ensures reproduction before the drop of temperature.

The Amazing Benefits Of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

The Amazing Benefits Of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

1. Ease Of Accessing The Seeds

Easy availability is the most significant benefit of auto-flowering seeds. While it comes as a newer species, you can access it easily in seed banks. It has made this strain more popular among growers compared to regular seeds. Hence, many opt for it to grow them. Also, the sellers have understood the rising popularity of this strain. You can get it from vendors and dispensaries. You can also buy it from a reputed Getkush Online Dispensary.

2. Not Dependent On Light For Growth

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are not dependent on light, unlike other varieties. Hence, they can grow regardless of the availability of sunlight. The growth of auto-flowering seeds depends on their age. With no photoperiod for development, auto-flowering sources prove to be the best indoor option. This feature makes many growers prefer it over the other varieties.

3. Can Grow In Tough Condition

As mentioned earlier, the auto-flowering gene developed in the Cannabis ruderalis species with origin in Central Asia. It has grown in volatile environmental conditions. Its independence of light and ability to grow in a volatile environment has made it the perfect choice for people with less time to take care of their cannabis plants.

While other varieties such as Cannabis sativa and indica have colossal popularity, it requires effort and time for caring for them. This easy-to-grow cannabis plant is perfect for people with a hectic schedule and time constraint.

4.    Grows Faster

If you cannot wait for a long time to harvest the cannabis plant, auto-flowering has become the ideal choice. Other cannabis species depend on sunlight and different types of artificial light sources for their growth. But, the auto-flowering species can take fewer resources for their more yield. Within less time, they can produce a higher output. Hence, auto-flowering seed makes it a better option to invest in.

5.    Diverse Range To Try From

Compared to other Cannabis species, auto-flowering seeds have more than one kind of strain. It has a lot to offer for interested people. From Northern Lights to White-Widow, you have an extensive range of auto-flowering strains at different stores and online vendors. Each available strain of the auto-flowering cannabis species has various properties with varying effects on people using it. Some people buy the strain for commercial use to increase their sales, while others buy it for recreational use. If you are a buyer who looks for different types of cannabis for commercial and recreational purposes, then auto-flowering offers just that.

6.    Highly Potent Leaves

Earlier growers ditched the auto-flowering species due to its low potency. Today, it is not the case as they have access to numerous varieties with different THC levels. It also has varying CBD strength. For example, Gorilla Cookies Auto, Gelato Auto, Strawberry Pie Auto, and others are classified as the potent varieties with THC of around 26%-27%. The auto-flowering cannabis plant is no less than the other species in terms of its strength and effectiveness.

7.    Requires Limited Space To Grow

Are you looking to grow Cannabis in a small space? Then, the auto-flowering option may suit your needs. It requires less space as the plants barely grow over one to two feet with no branches. Due to having a small size, people looking for cultivating it indoors can also opt for it. It makes your indoor space look greener while serving its purpose.


When you look at these benefits, auto-flowering seeds look like the better option compared to other varieties of the Cannabis plant. It seems like autos are here to stay, with more beginners opting for this variety. Currently, the commercial production of this variety remains low; it can reach higher numbers in the future. Looking at the latest trends and growing numbers, growers can expect better auto-flowering seeds to enter the market to satisfy the customers.

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