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Sunrise CBD Oil

(38 customer reviews)


Relief from Arthritis, Inflammation, Pain, Insomnia, Depression & Anxiety

  • Premium CBD from organic hemp grown in Colorado
  • Purity confirmed by 3rd party laboratory
  • Zero THC, so you’ll never experience a “high”
  • Contains organic MCT for max bioavailability
  • Pleasant refreshing flavor. Never bitter or earthy
  • Direct to you price
  • All organic, vegan, and gluten-free

Reviews for Sunrise CBD Oil

  1. Judy McDaniel

    Seeing the incredible changes in my husband after using your CBD oil is the reason I tell everyone about it! His back, wrists, and knees NEVER bother him like before he started using these products. His social anxiety has disappeared. His sleep has never been better! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on chiropractic care, we use SUNRISE CBD. Thank you so much Jim for these products. I am the “biggest bigmouth in Napa” sharing the news about your products! They are amazing. Thank you is never enough

  2. Judith M.

    I have spinal fusions and have pain all day and headaches. The CBD oil helps ease the pain with no side effects like, drowzy, aniexty.

  3. Soul Releaf

    Since I have started Sunrise CBD Oil maximum potency I have noticed the benefits of the product immediately. The taste is neutral so I am able to add it to a multitude of products. Most importantly I am able to feel the medicinal benefits of the product working within an hour upon ingesting which is much more beneficial than the medicines I am prescribed for my ailments. Highly effective product!

  4. Roland Schamberger

    This oil is the best of the best. I tried others and Sunrise is the best product and the best price.

  5. Mary Frances

    It delivered all that it boasted my pain minimalized, my sleep became deeper, I’m less anxious a feeling of well being became noticeable, customer service the best when couldn’t connect by
    phone Jim returned my call personally. All and all very pleased!

  6. Toni K Kash

    Have been using for 2 years. Love the customer service from this company, such prompt delivery and they stand 100% behind their product. And it works!! I am able to have pain free days now.

  7. Betty Young

    I have been using Sunrise CBD oil for over a year. I stopped taking it one to see if it was really helping, and soon realized the benefits it had been giving, and resumed taking it

  8. Nina

    Sunrise CBD Oil is a superior product that is very effective for a reasonable price. My loved ones and I really enjoy Sunrise CBD Oil.

  9. Mac

    I have been using this oil for several months as a last ditch effort to manage arthritis-related severe lower back pain, as well as fibromyalgia. It has been the most helpful and alleviating thing I have taken in all these years of avoiding major prescription pain killers. Highly recommended, mild flavor, fast acting, allows me to move into the day with greater ease and to do the things I need to do. A gift.

  10. etelvina montes

    I ordered your cbd oil again because it eased my knee pain and swelling. Doctors did not know what it was. But it healed.
    Also, my 92 year old mother’s diabetes numbers became more normal. Thank you for your great product.

  11. Richard M.

    I play the piano and my wife teaches yoga.We both feel more clarity, energy and less anxiety in our daily lives.We are both in our seventies and thank you for a great product.

  12. Bill M.

    I’ve tried other name brands and some had no effect on my pain and others were high priced. I suffer from chronic pain with fibromyalgia and arthritis. At one time I became addicted to codiene with aspirin. That was many years ago. I haven’t had much relieve except when I could get some marijuana. Now that CBD oil has become legal its been a relieve on my pain. I can’t afford medical marijuana because my only income is social security. You guys have the best product and it is affordable for me to have the right dose that I need. Thanks guys

  13. Mary B.

    i started out in so much pain in lower back, didnt care if lived or died. was treated with fentanyl patch and morphine pills for 10 plus years. weaned myself off as wasnt effective anymore & started on various forms of marijuana. did not like the high effect so started on CBD oil. tried several different companies before discovering yours. i’m so pleased with the results. no highs, just instant relief from pain. and it doesn’t taste nasty like some do. in fact, it’s quite refreshing. for the high quality of your products, the price is very reasonable. count me in as a happy Sunrise customer.

  14. Lauren G.

    After a difficult period of life, I started experiencing severe anxiety. A friend told me about your CBD, and even though I was skeptical, I tried it. I felt calmer after my first dose, and now I know I have a tool to move forward that really works!

  15. Kathleen B.

    After only the second day of using the oil, I felt so much better. Started out with a very small amount and increased as needed. Works great and the cost is reasonable.

  16. Samantha Frankleton

    This help with my arthritis and fibro pain. It also tastes great.

  17. Joe W.

    Fast shipping. Product seems to be working great for anxiety and depression.

  18. Joe G.

    I still can’t believe how cheap your CBD is. Wow! And every bit as good as the Medterra drops I was taking and half price.

  19. Logan H.

    I’ve been suffering with low back pain for over a month. Just received this today and I already feel some relief. Great product!!

  20. Jeff L.

    I was suffering from very bad insomnia. I am having a lot of stress in my life at this time and not handling it very well, my blood pressure has been high and doctor wanting to start me on BP meds. Since starting CBD oil, I am sleeping very well, I am able to handle the stress way better and my blood pressure is under control – I do not have to take any pills. What a blessing!

  21. R. Poutra

    It works much better for my arthritis than the pain medication I’d been prescribed & the saving is less than half the price of the cbd I’ve found available locally. The other conditions it’s helping me with are too numerous to mention here.

    Also just 2 or 3 drops of the pet formula worked better for my 70 lb, 10 year old Rough Coat Collie’s hacking cough & arthritis than the hormones he’d been on. My pets results were instant.


  22. Sue M.

    Your tincture tastes so much better than the other brands.

  23. Hanna W.

    My first experience with CBD oil was with Sunrise CBD and my panic attacks totally disappeared. I was totally amazed at what CBD oil could do for me.

  24. Tim

    Arrived quickly soon after ordering. Does seem to have calming affect as well as for back pain, etc. May try the isolate powder sometime. Tim

  25. James G.

    Hi! My PTSD and fibromyalgia pain had been excruciating this last year and anxeity levels to match. Found your CBD oil reduced chest and stomach pain (anxiety induced), eliminated muscle pain, and finally able to sleep through the night. Thank You!

  26. Branden I.

    Glad I chose this company to do business with. They have a large variety of great effective products.

  27. Marnie W.

    I’ve started putting a few drops into my coffee in the morning and it really helps me ease into my day. I take the subway to work, so sometimes I feel a little anxious but the Sunrise CBD drops have been helping a lot with the anxiety. Really great product!

  28. Sarah S.

    Would definitely recommend works awesome for me take 3 times daily and feel better…

  29. Shelley S.

    Just recently had hip surgery. The CBD oil has helped reduce pain with osteoarthritis. Also, crazy as it sounds kept me moving during the day & helped me have a restful sleep at night. But, mostly helped with my anxiety 100%.

  30. Josh H.

    My insomnia was becoming a real problem and I didn’t want to use Ambien. Sunrise CBD tincture allows me to get consistent sleep.

  31. Katherine K.

    I have tried many different CBD hemp oil and I found this to be the best. 50mg took the edge off and made me feel relaxed. I was able to function and sleep better. Thank you Sunrise!

  32. Deborah S.

    Love it! Really high quality!

  33. Darren P.

    Best prices on CBD and fast shipping.

  34. Jason B.

    Got it for sleep….and it has helped greatly!

  35. Marlene G.

    Awesome product, great tasting and very effective. Best brand out there in my opinion!!

  36. Patricia S.

    I love this stuff!

  37. Pat Loeffler

    For the first time in 10 years I can sneeze ,back pain stopped this,THANK YOU for your CBD . Most of my pain is gone. GOD BLESS your work

  38. Eric

    Ive tried 2 other brands for my anxiety and then friend recommended me the Sunrise CBD. Best CBD Oil Ive ever tried. Highly recommended.

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