About Sunrise CBD

Our mission is simple: To offer the best possible CBD products, direct to you at the lowest possible wholesale price. As long-time users of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD), we know that a consistently high-grade product brings the best results — but until now, it’s just been too expensive. The important thing about Sunrise CBD is we want as many people as possible to get the benefits of our high-quality CBD, so we offer it at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere (up to 80% off retail). Those who have been unable to afford quality CBD can now enjoy its benefits for the first time. That means those who have been using CBD for chronic issues or long-term wellness benefits can save hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars over time.

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In hemp, nature provides us with an all-natural, safe and legal substance that can be compounded to create a variety of CBD products. Our clients find relief from issues ranging from insomnia to pain relief, nausea to depression — or they may use it as a daily supplement for overall wellness. Time after time, they tell us about the wonderful benefits and feeling of well-being CBD oil provides them. CBD is truly a once-in-a-generation solution to so many things — and we feel fortunate that we can provide people with something that actually makes their lives better.

With Sunrise CBD, you get 100% pure CBD from organic hemp grown legally in Colorado. Our final products are compounded in our lab in California and then sent to a third-party lab for verification. We promise you’ll get consistent quality and 100% pure CBD — and nothing else.

At Sunrise CBD, we are parents and pet lovers, athletes and chemists, wellness practitioners and nature lovers. We are from many walks of life, united by our deep-rooted belief in the power of healthy living and the healing potential within nature and our own bodies. We think people deserve an alternative to substances that are addictive, ineffective or harmful. We believe in CBD and want to share it with everyone at the lowest possible wholesale price (up to 80% off retail), direct from us to you.

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