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Sunrise CBD Pain Cream

(21 customer reviews)


Relief From Sore Muscles, Joints, Backaches, Arthritis & Exercise Related Inflammation

  • Premium CBD from organic hemp, grown in Colorado
  • A fast-acting & long-lasting topical solution for targeted pain relief
  • Purity confirmed by 3rd party laboratory
  • 2 oz. container contains 1,500 mg of CBD
  • Zero THC
  • Direct to you price
  • All organic and gluten-free

Reviews for Sunrise CBD Pain Cream

  1. Anita D

    I am on my second order, bought another one to keep upstairs. Happy with the results for ankle and shoulder pain. Arrives quickly for being free shipping.

  2. Karen P. Reynolds

    This cream is really good!! Iam an avid runner! I use it on my knees, neck, & back . It really helps to alleviate pain. I wish it would last a little longer.

  3. Sabina P.

    The CBD cream has helps reduces my joint pain in my knees. When I apply it at night my knee pain does not wake me up.

  4. Joanne M.

    Love this product! And it makes my skin soft, added bonus

  5. Rosie D.

    This is an awesome moisturizing cream that leaves your face feeling hydrated and well nourished just after one use.

  6. Emma C.

    I have osteoarthritis in both my knees. The pain keeps me up at night, making it difficult to sleep. This cream is wonderful.

  7. Kelli V.

    Skeptical this would work…wow, did it ever. The relief started slowly. I felt marked improvement.

  8. Maria L.

    This cream has been wonderful in easing the pain in my knee that has arthritis. I do wish it would last longer, but eases the pain better than ibuprofin.

  9. Braydon W.

    I have been using the Pain Cream on my hands before bedtime to relieve arthritis pain and am very pleased with the results.

  10. Garrett P.

    I’m an avid golfer and suffer from chronic low back pain. The pain cream works and doesn’t leave my skin greasy and get all over my clothes.

  11. Laurie W.

    It works FAST and smooths the pain way away. Amazing. Let’s me get a good night’s sleep once again.

  12. Malik K.

    I have lupus with severe arthritis pain and I put this lotion on my back, knees and ankles. Amazingly it works and it doesn’t have a strong smell.

  13. Sunrise CBD

    This cream is simply amazing!

  14. Tessa C.

    As soon as I apply the cream to my back my pain is alleviated. I’ve had 2 major back operations and this cream takes the place of any other med I was taking.

  15. Ariella T.

    I really like this stuff. I use it on my face after I shower to help with dry skin and acne. My face is improving. I have even put it on insect bites and it relieved the itch.

  16. Earl C.

    Arthritis in my neck. The pain rub provides relief for hours. Great product.

  17. Jillian W.

    Use this product for TMJ and gives me relief at night. Helping me get off of prescription meds.

  18. Damien C.

    Wow — I really was not a believer before using… I had issues sleeping b/c the pain was so bad. After using the cream, the pain was a LOT less severe and helped me get to sleep. Thanks again!

  19. Lucy M.

    Sunrise CBD cream is very effective for such a small dispensed dosage. Quick, smooth reacting helps my pain quite well!

  20. Jack S.

    This skin cream applies so smoothly and I saw an effect the first night I used it.

  21. Julian S.

    I have chronic pain in my left shoulder & arm. Over the counter products were not working. This cream truly relieved the pain.

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