July 8, 2020

CBD is popping up everywhere, from gas stations to hair salons, and as a consumer, it’s incredibly difficult to distinguish one CBD product from another. Worse, many CBD brands use shady offers and confusing packaging to mislead consumers. It’s time to get the facts straight.

Wake-Up Call

First, you can’t talk about price without paying attention to strength. Two bottles of CBD oil may be the same “size”, but the amount of actual CBD per bottle may vary all the way from 100mg to 3000mg, which means one bottle could provide 30 times the dosage of another bottle of the same size!

This means that a whole bottle that only contains 100 mg of CBD total is NOT going to help you! Each dose/dropperful is going to have such a small dose of actual CBD that most people will not notice any significant results.  You would have to consume at least ½ the bottle to get any benefit!

This is important because most people taking CBD may need a consistent dose to get relief. And most “bargains” some CBD brands advertise do not contain enough CBD to do you any good. The same is true of that “CBD-infused” water at the gas station.

Time for consumers to get smart. Make sure that you are comparing CBD brands based on the strength of the dosage you are getting for the price. You can always decide to take less of a higher- strength product, which will often provide you the best value for your money. But it’s key to know how many milligrams of CBD you’re actually getting per bottle.

CBD by the Numbers

If you’ve been looking for CBD strong and affordable enough to buy on a regular basis, you know it has been next to impossible to find.

Look no further: Sunrise CBD is 100% pure CBD made from hemp grown in the U.S. Our Maximum Potency CBD Oil contains 100mg of CBD per dose.

And, the cost of Sunrise CBD is up to 80% less than other brands. According to CBD Awareness Project, CBD costs on average, $0.09 to $0.17 per milligram. Sunrise CBD costs about $0.03 per mg. Never has reputable, quality, high potency CBD been so affordable!

How do we do it? By delivering directly to you in your home. We eliminate expensive packaging, overhead, advertising and the middleman — and we pass those savings on to you.

A Quality Promise

If you’re wondering about quality, know that affordable CBD doesn’t mean low-quality CBD. You never, ever have to worry when you buy Sunrise CBD: Our products are made from 100% pure CBD, and our label tells you EXACTLY how much CBD there is per mg.

You know it’s accurate because our CBD is tested by a third-party independent lab, and the results are always posted on our website. That testing ensures you’re getting the amount of CBD on the label and that the product is free from THC, contaminants, and other harmful substances. We offer 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

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