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My insomnia was becoming a real problem and I didn’t want to use Ambien. Sunrise CBD tincture allows me to get consistent sleep. Josh H
After a difficult period of life, I started experiencing severe anxiety. A friend told me about your CBD, and even though I was skeptical, I tried it. I felt calmer after my first dose, and now I know I have a tool to move forward that really works! Lauren G
I still can’t believe how cheap your CBD is. Wow! And every bit as good as the Medterra drops I was taking and half price. Joe G
Your tincture tastes so much better than the other brands. Sue M
Best prices on CBD and fast shipping. Darren P
Awesome product, great tasting and very effective. Best brand out there in my opinion!! Marlene G
Love it! Really high quality! Deborah S
Just recently had hip surgery. The CBD oil has helped reduce pain with osteoarthritis. Also, crazy as it sounds kept me moving during the day & helped me have a restful sleep at night. But, mostly helped with my anxiety 100%. Shelley S
I was suffering from very bad insomnia. I am having a lot of stress in my life at this time and not handling it very well, my blood pressure has been high and doctor wanting to start me on BP meds. Since starting CBD oil, I am sleeping very well, I am able to handle the stress way better and my blood pressure is under control – I do not have to take any pills. What a blessing! Jeff L
I’ve been suffering with low back pain for over a month. Just received this today and I already feel some relief. Great product! Logan H
Would definitely recommend works awesome for me take 3 times daily and feel better. Sarah S
Fast shipping. Product seems to be working great for anxiety and depression. Joe W
I have spinal fusions and have pain all day and headaches. The CBD oil helps ease the pain with no side effects like, drowzy, anxiety Judith M
My first experience with CBD oil was with Sunrise CBD and my panic attacks totally disappeared. I was totally amazed at what CBD oil could do for me. Hanna W
Hi! My PTSD and fibromyalgia pain had been excruciating this last year and anxeity levels to match. Found your CBD oil reduced chest and stomach pain (anxiety induced), eliminated muscle pain, and finally able to sleep through the night. Thank You! James G
I’ve started putting a few drops into my coffee in the morning and it really helps me ease into my day. I take the subway to work, so sometimes I feel a little anxious but the Sunrise CBD drops have been helping a lot with the anxiety. Really great product! Marnie W
I have tried many different CBD hemp oil and I found this to be the best. 50mg took the edge off and made me feel relaxed. I was able to function and sleep better. Thank you Sunrise! Katherine K
Glad I chose this company to do business with. They have a large variety of great effective products. Branden I
Got it for sleep….and it has helped greatly! Jason B
After only the second day of using the oil, I felt so much better. Started out with a very small amount and increased as needed. Works great and the cost is reasonable. Kathleen B
I love this stuff! Patricia S
Ive tried 2 other brands for my anxiety and then friend recommended me the Sunrise CBD. Best CBD Oil Ive ever tried. Highly recommended. Eric A
  • 99+% pure CBD from organic hemp grown in Colorado
  • Pleasant refreshing flavor
  • Zero THC. 100% Safe.
  • All organic, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Comes in two strengths: 1500 & 3000 mg
  • Third party lab tested & certified
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